Civic Engagement

Please visit the Haitian Congress PAC site at for information on our Civic Engagement Initiatives.

The Haitian Congress PAC is a non-partisan and non-political organization. We do not engage in endorsement of any party or politician. Our strategies include reaching out to the community to provide information on the political process. We also intend to encourage people to register to vote. We intend to hold town hall meetings with invited guests to make the community aware of what their government is doing, how to access information, understand their rights and build a bridge for the community to all branches of government local, state and federal.

Concerning Haiti, we plan on connecting the Haitian citizens in the Diaspora to Haiti in terms of understanding how the country operates in the realm of education, economics, politics, social services, health care delivery, revenue generation, the legal system, and others.

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Open Letter to President Martelly

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