Dr. Dan Ivankovich, Bone Squad, & Bazelais Suy's Recovery

Orthopedic trauma surgeon, spine specialist, and humanitarian, Dr. Dan Ivankovich traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the days following the nation's devastating earthquake on January 12. Dr. Ivankovich brought back two patients to Chicago, including Bazelais Suy, a 28 year old computer science major with severe spinal cord injury, rendering him unable to walk. Haitian Congress board members Ketlie Acacia and Lynne Toussaint set up a support group to help the patients in their transition and stay in Chicago at Northwestern University's Rehabilitation Institute. Read about Bazelais inspiring road to recovery and his return home to Haiti.  

Nominate Dr. Ivankovich for a CNN Hero 2010 Award! 

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Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Ivankovich Spent The Last Week In Haiti. 

CBS 2 Chicago, Jan 28, 2010











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