The board members are directors working closely with the executive committee in providing leadership to achieve the goals of the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti.

The entire 13-member board works to accomplish the Congress' mission through different committees; Homeland, Community & Culture, Economy & Business and Youth set up within the Congress charged with specific tasks using our Strategic Plan as a guide to fulfill our mission.



Executive Committee:



  Marie Lynn Toussaint, Esq. 


  Jason, Coupet, Ph.D.

 Executive Secretary

  Marie C. Widmaier


  Joel Augustin, Ph.D.


  Ketlie Acacia


Board Members:

  Viola D’Haiti
  Bélizaire François
  Immacula Dieudonné
  Max G. Joseph
  Sonia Lundy
  Claire M. Moreau

Executive Director:

  Aline Lauture 


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