United Front to Exercise the Diaspora’s Right to Vote Washington DC, July 17, 2016:


This Press Release is to inform the general public and the Haitians living abroad in particular that on Friday, July 17, 2015, a meeting on the issue of the Diaspora Vote was held at the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC. Mindful of the fact that no mechanism is being put in place to assure the vote of the Diaspora in the upcoming 2015 elections, a United Front of individuals and organizations including the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti, the Haitian Diaspora Federation, The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH), the National Haitian-American Elected officials Network (NHAEON), the National Association of Haitian Students), along with other devoted Haitian citizens had invited the Prime Minister of Haiti, Mr. Evans Paul, at his urging to partake in a dialogue about the issue.

Unable to attend the meeting as scheduled, the Prime Minister delegated Mr. Robert Labrousse, Minister of the Haitian Living Abroad (MHAVE) and Mr. Dennis Watson, his Special Envoy, to participate in the meeting which took place at the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC on Friday July 17, 2015.

Among the participants, per our request, were Mr. Thomas Bezas and Mr. Christopher Harvin, two (2) representatives of the firm MILLFIELD GLOBAL STRATEGIES which specializes in conducting elections throughout the world. They made a comprehensive presentation to show the feasibility of the Diaspora participation in the upcoming Presidential Elections. The two (2) government representatives were very impressed and indicated that they will convey the message to the Prime Minister and the CEP to make a decision on this issue. They assured us that their report will be ready and placed on the Prime Minister’s desk no later than Monday morning July 20, 2015.

Meanwhile, due to the urgency of this issue, we will do our own follow up, multiply our efforts, and continue to engage the Diaspora in the process via a variety of media.

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The 2015 election is one of the most important elections in Haiti’s history; one perhaps that will determine not only the fate of the country but also, the future inclusion of its daughters and sons living abroad in the life of our nation.

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