Mobilize ourselves as Haitians in the diaspora to help develop Haiti


Strengthen and Organize for a Stable, Prosperous Haiti!

To mobilize ourselves as Haitians in the Diaspora to help develop Haiti. To strengthen and organize our human and material resources, our children, friends and allies of Haiti to make a positive contribution towards the creation of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Haiti where we, as Haitians in the Diaspora can reintegrate ourselves into the life of our country.        

Renforcez et organisez-vous pour une Haïti stable et prospère!

Pour nous mobiliser autant qu'Haïtiens de la diaspora pour aider au développement d'Haïti. Pour renforcer et organiser nos ressources humaines et matérielles, nos enfants, amis et alliés d'Haïti pour apporter une contribution positive à la création d'une Haïti stable, pacifique et prospère où nous, en tant qu'Haïtiens de la diaspora, pouvons nous réintégrer dans la vie de notre pays.

Renforcez et organisez-vous pour une Haïti stable et prospère!

Pou nou mobilize tèt nou kòm Ayisyen nan dyaspora pou ede devlopman Ayiti. Pou ranfòse ak òganize resous imèn ak materyèl nou yo, pitit nou yo, zanmi ak alye Ayiti yo pou yo fè yon kontribisyon pozitif nan kreyasyon yon Ayiti ki estab, ki gen lapè ak pwosperite kote nou menm, antanke ayisyen nan dyaspora a, kapab reentegre nan lavi peyi nou.


Presented by The Coalition of Haitian American Organizations in the Chicagoland Area

Haitian Congress Fast Facts

% FL Voters Mobilized


$ to National Hospital of Haiti


Events (2006-Present)


40 ft Containers Sent



About the Haitian Congress

Founded in 2006




The Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti continues to serve the Haitian community here in the states and in Haiti. As we celebrate 12 years of service and activism, we honor we continue to work and collaborate with other organizations to improve the lives of the Haitian people.


In 2004, in the midst of preparations to celebrate two hundred (200) years of Independence, our nation suffered another abrupt unconstitutional change of government. Meanwhile, in November of that same year, Hurricane Jeanne struck our homeland causing the loss of at least 3000 lives, especially in Gonaives. Our Community in Chicago, which had previously been divided along partisan lines, came together to mobilize ourselves, our friends and our allies, formed the Ad Hoc Haitian Relief Fund of Illinois to provide relief for our brothers and sisters in Gonaives.

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Discover more about the history of the Country of Haiti


  1. Remove all discriminatory constitutional and legislative restrictions on the basis of place of residence so that all Haitians, including those living overseas, can exercise all of their rights and duties as citizens;
  2. Achieve measurable repatriation, reintegration/integration of our Haitian citizens throughout the world to participate fully in all aspects of the life of our country;
  3. Promote and achieve the establishment of the rule of law at all levels of Haitian society;
  4. Organize and advocate for the government of Haiti to provide clear accounting about the utilization of the taxes and fees taken from the $2b remittance;
  5. Organize and advocate for financial sovereignty for Haiti;
  6. Advocate that the 2b dollars remittances the Haitian Diaspora sends annually to its family be spent on goods and services produced in Haiti to help the economy develop;
  7. Protect the human rights of Haitians and people of Haitian descent from persecution in the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and elsewhere.
  8. Promote full empowerment of Haitians living in the Diaspora in their host nations.
  9. Transfer Haitian culture, custom, languages to our children living in the Diaspora;
  10. Establish a viable fund to support a budget to pay for administrative support for the Haitian Congress.

To become a member of the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti, please download and return the Membership Application to:

2010 Dewey, Family Focus Building
3rd Floor
Evanston, IL 60201

Tel: 312.841.7216




Our ongoing efforts to fullfill our mission to mobilize and assist the people of Haiti.

Haitian Congress Events

Haitian Flag Day
May 18, 2024
Haitian Flag Day

May 18, 2024 5pm - 9pm
Malcom X College - Gym

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